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Over the last 35 years we have had the opportunity to build many different styles of saddles. We have found that the style saddle shown in the following pictures is the most popular for us and the style that we prefer to build.

The wood-post Wade tree is very popular all over the world today. Most people seem to like the round skirts, this helps to make your saddle a little lighter weight. We highly recommend a flat plate rigging with half stirrup leathers and what we refer to as TC fenders. TC fenders are simply our version of cutting horse fenders. With the smaller fenders and half stirrup leathers the saddle is more comfortable, free swinging and less bulky, therefore making your saddle feel narrow. This all helps to eliminate a lot of knee and leg pain.

All of our saddles are built on Swanke Trees and constructed of strictly USA tanned leather. Using these features along with our expert workmanship enables us to build a saddle for you that will be very comfortable to ride, long lasting but not too heavy.

For all of our working cowboys that need heavy duty saddles, we are happy to use the heavier grade leather, full stirrup leathers and wider fenders.

Here at Swanke Saddlery we strive to build the finest quality saddles, tack and saddletrees!

"They're too pretty to cover up!" –Wes Schenk

Our ordering process is easy. Give Ben or K.T a call at 406-259-9227 and let us know what you’re interested in ordering. We like to get 1/3 down on saddle orders and a down payment on tack orders.



15” Wade tree with 7/8 flat plate rigging. Partial basket stamping on smooth out leather. Cheyenne roll cantle, 4” monel stirrups and bucking rolls. Model # 001

Wade saddle with roughout seat and fenders. Roughout seat has a leaf design draped across the front. The contrast of the flower carved, smoothout rigging, fork, and cantle are a nice combination Model # 002



Dean Oliver tree with a 4” cantle, 7/8 flat plate rigging. This is Full flower carved, has a tooled one-piece back cinch, the customers 5” jail house monel stirrups, Glenn Pointer custom made hardware and antique sterling silver conchos. Model # 008

This saddle is a nice example of a base price, rough-out saddle. The tooled cantle binding, silver conchos and monel stirrups are a little extra but certainly dresses up this nice wade. Model # 017



This is a Ranch Cutter, with a Texas dally horn and 2” cap. Rough-out and a double creased border on the large square skirts. Full Double D- ring rigging Stainless steel conchos, and monel stirrups Model # 004

This wade saddle has a 5” cantle with rawhide binding. Rough-out leather and an in-skirt rigging. It has a nice rawhide yoke on the fork and horn binding. Model # 008b



Pineapple stirrups on a Ranch Cutter. Rough-out seat and fenders with the rest basket stamped and a barbwire border Model # 020

This extra light ladies saddle has an inskirt rigging, and trimmed down round skirts. The saddle weighted around 30lbs with the stirrups. Model # 021



Extra light ladies saddle with in-skirt rigging, and small round skirts. It’s basket stamped design and Horseshoe Brand hardware and conchos make this an eye catching saddle. Check out the 3” breast collar ring recessed into the leather that makes a beautiful horn cap. Model # 029

Another lighter weight ladies saddle. Beautifully flower carved with a “meander” border and dark antique finish. Model # 038



Check out the detail on this saddle, this is one of the prettiest patterns I’ve done in sometime! Model # 073

This is a nice ½ flower carved saddle with old style stirrup leathers, The 24” eagle beak tapaderos and hobbles are tooled to match. Rawhide binding on the cantle and horn. Model # 082


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This was a big project! Even the underside of this saddle was carved! Model # 0107

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